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Tilt Up

Time is money! Fast-track construction is an essential factor to maintaining profitability on job sites. Tilt-Up construction is a great way to save construction time in today's market.

Tilt-Up construction is basically what it sounds like. Concrete panels are poured on either the final slab or a casting slab. Once the panels have cured and can support themselves, they are "tilted" into their final resting place. An important factor to consider is the planning of the tilt-up process. Effective job site organization is key to producing a successful tilt-up project.

Tilt-Up construction is unique in the way that an owner can produce a surface finish to their liking. Form liners are used to create the unique finishes desired by owners. Also, just like normal concrete when using the tilt up process, the concrete can still be colored or stamped.

 A quote form Joe Nasvik out of Residential Concrete Magazine states "Jerry Daugherty, president of JD Construction, Las Vegas, has probably completed more tilt-up houses than anyone to date...Daugherty says they saved over two months in construction time compared with what's required of homes of comparative value in the Las Vegas area. Now that he's been living in the house, he reports that their heating and cooling costs are well below the house they moved from, which was much smaller."

So, whether you are building a large industrial warehouse or your custom concrete home, Tilt-Up construction could be the method that best suits you.